DX, agile and customer needs

Some connections between smart services, collaboration and digital squads.

DX, agile and customer needs


Smart Services and Agility


We are in the era of smart services, in which companies must think and act towards their client’s needs. According to Harvard Business Review, “the companies in the vanguard of smart services think differently about their purpose and how they make their profits – they are fundamentally preemptive rather than reactive or even proactive”. As a consultancy, we need to understand the culture, strategy, and the challenges of the companies first and foremost, to deliver adequate solutions.

When we talk about agility, we must understand that is all about collaboration. That means, no more silos. Business and technology areas are connected from the beginning.  The pandemic changed the way we work forever and forced companies to advance in their digital transformation journey sooner than expected. We are now in the reinvention business, eager to offer the best solutions to help our clients evolve and disrupt in their industries. For us at Meta that is not new, we have been acting in long term projects and helping our customers digitally evolve for decades, some of them are our clients for over 25 years.

For the past two years, motivated by the consequences of the pandemic, companies adopted new technology under pressure, in a short period of time, in order to survive. In some cases that came without thinking about how the teams would be impacted and which technologies they would actually need. Market leaders need a team that is prepared for their customer needs, with extensive expertise, and fresh approaches to deliver proper value, within the right cost and time. That is what we do at Meta: bringing agility, human knowledge, and technology together… we don’t sell a product, but a digital squad and solutions. We are all about people growth; 100% focused on people and the transformation they are capable to deliver to our customers.

Advantages of Digital Squads


What is a digital squad? A fully functional team, that can be totally Meta employees, mixed or totally formed by the costumer and managed by a Meta architect. That squad is immersed in the culture of the company, acts to solve what is needed and may leave when the project (and the challenge) is over. We take in consideration that the expertise can’t get lost, so we are prepared to exchange resources if needed without constraints. The contract is made as if it were a “bucket”, in which the customer can add or remove what is needed without the need for a contract renegotiation, which is usually the slowest part of the process for traditional hiring models, which brings more agility to the whole process.

“The definition of ‘ready’ and ‘done’ is a very interesting part of agility and agile methods, we usually tell our customers that the definition of ready means what we need in order to deliver for them and the definition of done means what is their definition of what our delivery should be”, says Brendan O’Brien, CIO at Meta.

Meta is 100% agile and brings what the customer needs with new ideas and fresh approaches, implementing technology solutions that accelerate results for large and mid-sized companies globally.

You can learn more about the subject by downloading our e-book, in collaboration with ITWC: “AGILITY AT SCALE – What is Driving CIOs to Adopt Agile?”.


Watch the complete video of the event for CIOs to discuss Agility at Scale. It is a partnership between ITWC and Meta:


Meta IT is a company with over 30 years in the market that opened its operations in North America in 2020. It offers digital transformation consulting and services, implementing technology solutions that accelerate results for large and mid-sized companies globally and supporting organizations and enterprises to rethink and update their business models. The company plans and executes projects that simplify the end-to-end digital transformation journey through strategic consulting, software development, application sustainment, SAP technologies, automation, also known as RPA, staff augmentation, and agile squads.