Official Partners at Collision Conference 2023

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Official Partners at Collision Conference 2023


For the second year in a row, Meta IT will be an official Partner at Collision Conference 2023, which is one of the world’s biggest tech conferences. This edition will host more than 40,000 attendees from 140 countries, 2,000 startups, and 250 partners – a 21% increase in attendees compared to last year. The conference will once again be held at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada, from June 26th to 29th.

Collision is a sister conference to other renowned events around the world, including RISE in Hong Kong, MoneyConf in Dublin, and Web Summit in Lisbon and in Rio. And, of course, Meta IT was present at the first-ever Web Summit Rio, where connections were formed, and others strengthened. We are thrilled to be participating as official Partners in yet another conference, following our successful collaboration at the ASUG Ontario Chapter Meeting 2022 and CIO Peer Forum 2023.

Map with Collision, Web Summit, RISE and sister events.

Global events and big numbers from the Collision, Web Summit, and RISE franchise

Collision Conference’s History

Since the first 2014 edition in Las Vegas, Collision has been happening annually (not considering pandemic years). That year, there were 1,500 attendees from 33 countries, and it has grown substantially since then. Over the following years until 2017, Collision happened once more in Las Vegas and twice in New Orleans, garnering steadily growing attention. The 2017 edition speakers included some of tech’s prominent businesses such as Lowercase Capital, Reddit, WeWork, and Twitch. With around 20,000 attendees from 119 countries and 605 startups, that was the last time a Collision Conference happened in American soil.

Timeline of Web Summit and Collision events

Timeline of Collision, Web Summit, and RISE events

The decision to move to Toronto came easily. As North America’s main tech conference, there was an immediate attraction for Canada’s fastest-growing tech hub. The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is very aligned with Collision’s vision, so ever since 2018 the conference has been occurring in Toronto. As explained by John Tory, the city Mayor: “Collision’s decision to move confirms Toronto’s status as an important innovation hub in North America and affirms what we already know – that Toronto is building an inclusive type of innovation that brings people together to solve the world’s biggest challenges. We are looking forward to welcoming Collision and inviting the rest of the world to join them.”

Why Meta IT is Headquartered in Canada and an Official Partner at Collision Conference

Given our presence on-site at Kitchener, Ontario, we have been attending Collision Conference since 2022. As a leader in digital transformation, Meta IT’s connections with leading organizations from around the world are enabled by our presence at Collision. The exchange of ideas and insights and exploration of partnerships and collaborations act as a watershed of innovation for our strategy and operations.


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We might as well use the words of Paddy Cosgrave, co-founder of Collision, to justify Meta IT’s HQ opening in Canada: ” A new wave of Canadian founders are building companies, not just out of Canada, but all over the world. At the very moment when some countries around the world seem to be shutting their borders, when intolerance is on the rise, Toronto stands for diversity and inclusion. We are incredibly excited to work with the city of Toronto, Mayor John Tory, and the entire tech ecosystem to ensure Collision delivers an amazing experience for attendees.” Canada is a welcoming and diverse country whose ability to connect with people globally has allowed it to flourish and grow 350% faster than Silicon Valley in the number of technology workers.

The statistics also support our decision because, as a city in southern Ontario, Kitchener is on the outskirts of Toronto and within the Corridor. As the second largest technology cluster in North America, Toronto-Waterloo is the 112 km stretch between the two cities, which hosts 15,000 tech companies with more than 5,000 startups and 300,000 employees. That is 8% of the total population in the area, truly making itself a buzzing ecosystem. It is also the hot spot for the tech workforce, only behind the San Francisco Bay area, and has the highest research output per capita given the research-heavy universities such as the University of Toronto, which is bound to give cutting-edge innovation to the ecosystem. All these compelling reasons made us choose Canada as our North American headquarters.

Number of highly cited papers per capita - Toronto Waterloo, Boston San Francisco Bay Area and more

Number of highly cited papers per capita by market

Number of tech talent by region - Toronto Waterloo, Boston, San Francisco Bay Area

Concentration of tech talent by market

Come join Meta IT at Collision!

At booth E364, our team of experts will be available to answer questions, forge new connections, and nurture existing ones. We are eager to demonstrate our passion for technological innovation and share what we have done to digitally transform our clients.

As stated by HuffPost, “The event is a global gathering of provocative ideas, brilliance, and investment dollars.” We will be gathering the most notable insights and the latest trends from policymakers, CEOs, and founders of tech’s leading businesses, and global cultural figures, integrating them into our business.

We encourage your presence at #CollisionConf so we can discuss your company’s journey in digital transformation and evolution to create a meaningful impact together. See you there!


Meta IT is a company with over 30 years in the market that opened its operations in North America in 2020. It offers digital transformation consulting and services, implementing technology solutions that accelerate results for large and mid-sized companies globally and supporting organizations and enterprises to rethink and update their business models. The company plans and executes projects that simplify the end-to-end digital transformation journey through strategic consulting, software development, application sustainment, SAP technologies, automation, also known as RPA, staff augmentation, and agile squads.